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Collegedale Post-collegiate Group is a community for 21-35 year-olds in the Collegedale area. Christ has called us to Make Friends. We're all about building God's Kingdom through a culture of prayer where we experience belonging, develop leaders, and launch them into service.

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Kris is the pastor for Connect Worship service at the Collegedale Church and the pastor for our group. He keeps our team up to date on policies, changes, and news from the church while presenting ideas and requests from our team to the church. He has recently been leading us on an initiative to help build up a culture of prayer within our post-collegiate group. 


Brandon Dorn is the Director of the Post-collegiate Leadership Team. He has been serving on this team since the group began just over 4 years ago! Brandon is an Assistant Dean in the men's dorm of Southern Adventist University. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing golf, hiking, and reading. Most importantly though, he loves spending time with God! 

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Kelly Payne is the Secretary for our Leadership Team. She has been a part of this team since it began 4 years ago, and previously served in the Social Events Coordinator position. Kelly is a dental hygienist in Cleveland, TN. When she isn’t hanging out with friends you might find her listening to a true crime podcast while working on a puzzle!

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Moses Maier is the Sabbath School Coordinator for the Post-collegiate Leadership Team. He has been on our team for the past 4 years. Outside of post-collegiate events you’ll find him working on his new real estate portfolio. When he isn’t working you might find him enjoying a game of pickleball, reading, or playing music! He loves people so if you haven’t met him yet, make sure to say hi to him at one of our upcoming events.

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Camrie is our Vespers Coordinator and has been on our team for a little over 2 years. She loves this group because it has created so many opportunities for new friendships and fun experiences. In her free time Camrie loves hiking, baking, traveling, and doing all of those things with friends.

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Paige joined the post-collegiate leadership team a little over 2 years ago and is currently serving in the Social Media role. She has several part time nursing jobs and loves spending time outside. Paige enjoys hiking, taking photos of and identifying flowers, and has most recently gotten into paddle boarding!

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Raymond is the Small Groups Coordinator for our post-collegiate group. If you’re interested in starting or joining a small group he’d love to talk to you! When Raymond isn’t working at McKee or running his franchise, you can find him enjoying outdoor activities like Pickle Ball and paddle boarding!

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Courtney is the newest addition to our team! She is serving as the Music Coordinator for our group. She works at Erlanger as a nurse and in her time off loves to get outside. She enjoys water skiing and snow skiing, traveling, and playing volleyball! Courtney also enjoys meeting new people and making new friends.

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